Frequently Asked Questions

Flashcall is a platform that enables individuals and companies to reach their audience through ordinary phone calls, called Flashcalls. We have created a seamless cloud based system that combines the simplicity of phone-based communication and the power of big data analytics. For each incoming call, you can play a 50 second long audio message and send an SMS. The versatility of the system then allows you to manage incoming calls and adjust the Campaign(s) as you like.
Flashcall can be utilized to perform polls/surveys, take pledges, reach out to your followers, gather contacts, collect audience feedback, attract new customers, recognize loyal consumers, etc. Start today in minutes and get free $10 Flashcall credit. Feel free to contact us at for more details.
Signup now and get free $10 Flashcall Credit. Once you get onboard, you can start as many Campaigns as you want and manage them in parallel. The system will help you to launch your campaign straight away and reach out to your audience. Once you start getting calls, sit back and enjoy the live analytics in a clean, intuitive, and powerful dashboard.
A campaign is a story that you will create to give some meaning to the numbers you will rent out from us.
Flashcall provides every member of an organization with a dashboard that can be used to run campaigns. This dashboard contains comprehensive data regarding each campaign, along with charts and graphs to illustrate the live statistics.
That's one of our value added services, please get in touch with us at
Depending on the requirements and Flashcall frequency level, we can easily craft a solution that will fit your needs. Please get in touch with us for more information at
We allows instant and 24/7 modifications of all parameters. This can easily be done through the campaign dashboard.
We will get back to all queries within 24 hours.